January 2022

Tiny Forest Button Contest🌳🌲🌴

We want to celebrate our hugely talented secondary students on designing 9 badges which will be sold to raise money for the Tiny Forest.
There were over 100 entries and it was very difficult to choose the ultimate winners. Well done to Ela, Christos, Sophie, Lara, Sinja, Emily, Eunice, Jiwoo and Alexandrina!
Next week students and you, as the wider school community, will get more details about how to get hold of these beautiful badges! We are excited to see lots of people wearing these badges very soon!




December 2021

Stop the press!

Students launch the magazine `Spark´

There are many budding journalists and photojournalists in our Secondary School. This week saw the launch of the first issue of the student magazine ‘Spark’: Coordinated by Ms. Dawkshas and entirely written and edited by the student editorial team, comprised of students from both language sections and ISRM. We are very proud of what our students have accomplished - take a look at the very first edition of Spark here: http://magazine.es-rm.eu




January 2022

Exam Season has started! 📈📚📖👩‍🎓

It’s January and that means that our hardworking S6 students have started to write their S6 exams. With the help of all our dedicated exam cycle teachers, we know that our S6 students will do a fantastic job and make themselves proud!
Good luck to all of you!




December 2021

Secondary Entrepreneur Project – Prizes and awards

We would like to thank the Economic students for participating in this department-wide competition. Additionally we want to offer our congratulations to the finalists, who presented very professionally on stage in the Aula. The best three groups will be awarded prizes at our Christmas Chaos Event this week. We would also like to thank the younger secondary students for being such a splendid audience, as well as the judges for helping us determine the winners.





Sicherer Schulweg

Sicherer Schulweg & Parken


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Die ESRM stellt ein

Die ESRM stellt ein

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