Recognised Ersatzschule status means that state funds courtesy of the State of Hesse will be effected.

The basis for this calculation is the tax assessment of the previous year but one, respectively, i.e. 2019 income statements shall be applied concerning the school year 2021/2022. 

For the English Section the following school fees apply:

Monthly Parental Contribution (in Euro)                                                    Pre-Primary 4-6 year olds                    

Annual income up to

40.000 Euro


50.000 Euro


60.000 Euro


70.000 Euro


80.000 Euro and more



The state funding for the Pre-Primary of € 149,16 per month for the fee reduction of Pre-Primary is automatically deducted from the fees. Families registered outside Hessen will only receive the sibling reduction.

Accordingly, we ask parents who would like to apply for a reduction in school fees to contact the Bursar (tel.  06101/505 66 58); naturally, all inquiries shall be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

School fees 

Monthly Parental Contribution (in Euro)

Class 1-4


Class 5-10


Class 11-12



The same rates for school fees apply to pupils who are not subject to compulsory education in Germany
School attendance is mandatory for German and foreign pupils who live in Germany as a permanent resident or who are “domiciled or ordinarily resident” in Germany.

Sibling Discount German and English Section:
2nd child up to 180.000 Euro annual income 25 % discount
3rd child up to 230.000 Euro annual income 50 % discount
4th child up to 280.000 Euro annual income 50 % discount
For very high income full school fees must be paid.
There is no income verification. The ESRM trusts your self-assessment.

Sibling discounts must be applied for in writing.

Looking forward
We will make every effort to receive state funds for the English section and for Classes 11-12.


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ESRM is recruiting

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