The inaugural year of the European School RheinMain means that Classes 1 to 5 – or, in European School terminology, “cycle d’observation” and “cycle de pré-orientation” – will form the School’s first generation of ESRM pupils.

2016 will mark the first year in which pupils take the European Baccalaureate. As previously noted, the European School RheinMain will offer the complete European Schools’ curriculum. Compulsory subjects will be organized, optional subjects will be provided according to the rules and regulations of the European Schools’ system.

In the areas of Music and Art, the European School RheinMain will make every effort to maximise co-operation with local and regional organisations. This is to encourage integration between the European School RheinMain and schools in the local educational community and it will mean that we can provide know-how and expertise in these areas from day one.

Contact has been established with churches and their teaching establishments to ensure that lessons comply with local regulations.

Ethics lessons will be taught by qualified teachers who are experienced in the European School system or by teachers trained specifically for the task.


Syllabi of the Secondary Cycle – an overview

Syllabus for Secondary Cycle (Classes 1 and 2)

Syllabus for Secondary Cycle (Class 3)

Syllabus for Secondary Cycle (Class 4 - 5)

Syllabus for Secondary Cycle (Class 6 and 7)

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ESRM is recruiting

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Safe School Route & Parking Rules

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