Recognised Ersatzschule status means that state funds courtesy of the State of Hesse will be effected with a time-lag, payable in arrears. Thanks to pre-financing, however, funding began in the first school year i.e. 2012/2013.

In coordination with the respective Education Authority, funds that are available from pre-financing and from the school scholarship fund can be dispensed such that school fees for pupils of the German section may be lowered; this is subject to the sum of total positive parental income.  The basis for this calculation is the previous year but one, respectively, i.e. 2010 income statements shall be applied concerning the school year 2012/2013.

Annual Income up to      

Classes 1-4     Classes 5-10     Classes 11-12    
Monthly parental contribution (in Euro)
New Old New Old   New Old 
40.000 Euro 300 300 300 300 350 350
50.000 Euro 300 400 300 400 450 450
60.000 Euro 400 500 400 500 600 600
70.000 Euro 500 600 500 600 700 700
80.000 Euro 600 700 600 700 800 800
90.000 Euro 700 800 700 800 900 900
100.000 Euro and above 800 800 800 900 1.000 1.000

Accordingly, we ask parents who would like to apply for a reduction in school fees to contact the Bursar (tel. 06101-528 217); naturally, all inquiries shall be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

School fees (monthly) for the English section are as follows:

Classes 1-4:

monatlich 800.- Euro,

Classes 5-10:

monatlich 900.- Euro,

Classes 11-12:

monatlich 1.000.- Euro.

The same rates for school fees apply to pupils who are not subject to compulsory education in Germany
School attendance is mandatory for German and foreign pupils who live in Germany as a permanent resident or who are “domiciled or ordinarily resident” in Germany.

Rebate for siblings:
The eligibility for a rebate for siblings depends on your income.

Looking forward
We will make every effort to receive state funds for the English section and for Classes 11-12.

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